Today’s agricultural practices rely largely on chemical fertilizers to achieve higher yields. This also involves the application of chemical pesticides to protect crops against pathogens and pests.

The environmental degradation caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides has reached critical levels. The pursuit of short-term gains in productivity has resulted in trade-offs in sustainability.

The negative consequences brought about by increasing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides have led to a strong interest in alternative strategies. This approach to farming, often referred to as Sustainable Agriculture, seeks to introduce sound agricultural and environmental practices by the use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides.


Agricultural Inoculants Corporation is an agricultural company committed to sustainable agriculture.

We provide proven technologies and consultancy work in the production of bio-fertilizers as well as designs for bio-fertilizer manufacturing plants.

Our role is to ensure that we provide, in a socially responsible way, bio-fertilizer manufacturing technology that is simple, profitable and environmentally friendly. This technology when passed on to farmers, cooperatives and LGUs, would result to on-farm efficiency and reduce farm fertilization cost.